Scott Tracy

Scott on Stage


Cymbal Hit

Scott studied for seven years with Phil Stanger of the Northside Symphony Orchestra & C.S.W.E, once that was done he toured with Rod Voyles Sound Spectrum , a show band of the time. He also did three years with the Dave Roberts Swingtet , played sessions with various jazz, blues, country and rock artists from all over.

Then he joined Strange Brew , a rock band, spent five years banging the hell out of his kit until he left and joined a band called Pump n Ethel , not sure if that's a sexual position or something to do with filling your car up with gas. Anyway that was a high octane rock n blues outfit.

After two years he decided to have a change again and joined a surf, blues, jazz trio calling themselves Shut Up and Play , that lasted for three years until Scott saw an opening in his first tribute band and joined Blizzard of Ozz , a Black Sabbath Tribute.

To this day he plays the drums in the Alice Cooper Tribute Band and of course is Charlie Watts in the USA's No.1 Rolling Stones Tribute Band Beggars Banquet